$2.00 CAD

This listing is for our hook earrings and is a request to replace the standard ear hooks with hanger hooks.

Hanger hooks make it easier to wear our earrings through gauged ears, especially if you plan to wear them through tunnel style jewelry.

Currently our hanger hooks are only available in blackened steel, and will be similar to the pair shown here.

*If you have multiple pairs of earrings in your cart that you wish to upgrade, please be sure to select the corresponding quantity of upgraded hooks from this listing.

**If your order contains multiple pairs of earrings but you don't want them all upgraded to hanger hooks, please leave a note as to which ones you'd like our hanger hooks added to.

*If you order the hanger hooks alone without a pair of standard hook earrings, we will leave the connector loop open so all you will have to do to update your standard earrings is pinch it closed with a pair of pliers.

**Ordered entirely alone, this item will ship as flat/letter mail. This means that there will be no tracking. If tracking is desired, please reach out to us before purchase.