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Crystal & Cedar Bracelets

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  • Crystal & Cedar Bracelets
  • Crystal & Cedar Bracelets
  • Crystal & Cedar Bracelets
  • Crystal & Cedar Bracelets

Each bracelet features a mix of crystals, cedar wood, and metal beads to create a wearable piece of art.

1. Calming Love - Rose quartz, red line jasper, fossil jasper, cedar wood.
2. Stable Protection - Larvikite, grey jasper, fossil jasper, cedar wood
3. Balancing Energy - Unakite, amazonite, fossil jasper, cedar wood

7 3/8th inches (18.732 cm)

•Rose quartz is most often associated with all forms of love, as well as being a calming and comforting stone.
•Red line jasper is known as a calming and very grounded stone that aids in healing throughout the body.
•Larkivite is a very calming and protective stone. It is most known to aid with protection, connecting with the Earth, and promoting psychic visions.
•Grey jasper is a stone that provides strength and stability, and has also been known to invoke feelings of joy.
•Unakite is known best for balancing emotions, but also relates to abundance, love, and passion.
•Amazonite is a powerful balancing and healing stone. It is known for removing stress, soothing emotional issues, and emitting calming energies.
•Fossil jasper is an excellent stone for protecting and grounding. It often instills feelings if wholeness and serenity.
•Cedar wood is linked to purification, binding, and protection. It is often used for cleansing and purification.

Before purchasing items containing remains, we urge that you do your research into your locations wildlife laws. (For more information, please refer to our FAQ)


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