RINGED - Polished Brass Bullet Bottle Pendant (Empty)

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  • RINGED - Polished Brass Bullet Bottle Pendant (Empty)
  • RINGED - Polished Brass Bullet Bottle Pendant (Empty)

Mini glass bottle fitted into a lightly polished brass bullet casing to create a unique and useful pendant.

Examples of items to place in your pendant are, but not limited to: ashes*, fur or hair clippings, stone/crystal chips, small teeth/claws, dried herbs, or essential oils**.

*If you plan to carry ashes or cremains, be sure that the clasp is attached securely and that the pendant is tightly sealed to prevent loss during wear.

**As we cannot guarantee that every pendant is 100% airtight, we do not recommend wearing these pendants while bathing, swimming, or while in the shower. We also do not recommend filling them with liquids or oils. However dabbing some oil onto cotton, felt, or other fabric scraps and placing them into the bottle would be perfectly suitable.

Before purchasing items containing remains, we urge that you do your research into your locations wildlife laws. (For more information, please refer to our FAQ)


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