About Us

Hello. I am Britt and I am the face behind Earthen Remains. I am both founder and creator of our products, and yes, despite all the "we" talk, I currently work alone.

I started working with animal remains in 2012. At the time I was merely collecting things for my own use, but slowly began realizing I could also create things for others. So I began posting my work on a well known art platform and after making my first sale, I began thinking seriously about starting my own business.

So in 2014 I opened my first shop on Etsy under the name She Dreams Of Bones Creations. But as you can see, that name was quite a mouthful and I knew I would eventually change it. However, it was not until 2019 that this happened and I settled on Earthen Remains.

And why Earthen Remains you may ask? Well, I have always tried to keep the main focus of my work on the beauty of what gets left behind when something dies. Whether this be a bone, shed skin or fur, an antler or a tooth; I believe that each piece of the dead can be brought back to life in some way. That being said, our main goals have always been:

 -Sourcing supplies and inspiration from nature.
 -Learning to see death as a beautiful thing that should not be feared.
 -Honouring the dead by re-purposing their remains into pieces of art.