Estimated Deliver Times:

 Canada:1-2 weeks
 United States: 1-2 weeks

*Please keep in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused substntial delays and we cannot currently promise that our estimated delivery times can always be met.

Customs & Import Taxes:

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply, and should note that postage delays may occur during border crossings.

Cancellations, Returns, Exchanges & Refunds:

We understand that sometimes mistakes are made and accept order cancellations within 48 hours of purchase.

We also gladly accept returns or exchanges as long as they fall within 14 days of delivery. We simply ask that you contact us in advance and pay for return shipping.

Refunds are also available for damaged goods within 14 days of delivery, however the cost of the original shipping will not be included.

Please contact us for any furthur questions or issues with your purchase.

Additional Shipping Information:

Orders shall be shipped on Mondays, unless there is a holiday. In that case we will ship orders on the soonest available day.

Once your order has been shipped it is out of our hands. We have no control over any delays, damage, or additional fees that may occur while in transit within the postal system. Also letter/flat mail does not get tracking so please keep this in mind when ordering certain items (i.e. stickers, patches, etc).

If your order has not arrive within the estimated shipping time or you think it may be lost, please check the locations listed below before getting in contact with us.

If the tracking states your order has been delivered you can:

-Check with your neighbours to see if it was delivered to the wrong address by mistake
-Check your local post office to see if it is being held for an additional charge (duty) or simply requires a signature to be released.

In the event that your order has been returned to us we will contact you. From there you will have the options of repaying the cost of shipping to have your order sent out again OR having your order canceled and being refunded the cost of the item(s).